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The percussion rifle is a rifle that uses a percussion cap instead of older flintlock or matchlock variants. Faster reloading and fewer moving parts made this rifle more versatile and rugged compared to other single-shot rifles Percussion rifle Description: Percussion rifle of unknown age and was refurbished many years ago by a gunsmith. It hasn't been fired for at least 30 years The stock was also refurbished as well. The stock had repaired way before we found this in my grandfathers attic many years ago. You can see the repair plate in the pictures AAR-202 Antique Greene's Patent Carbine, .54 caliber, 18 barrel, percussion with Maynard tape primer, British proof marks, walnut, iron, by Massachusetts Arms Co.

Crimean War Percussion Rifle from the Battle of the Great Redan. This is a Liege Lock Brunswick rifle. Inscribed on the plate Father at the Great Redan Sept. 8th 1855. The butt plate hasClick for more inf The discussion of Traditional Percussion Rifles. Log in or Sign up. Muzzle Loading Forum. Home Forums > Firearms > Percussion Rifles Kentucky Pennsylvania Rocky Mountain Hawken Missouri River Hawken Harpers Ferry 1841 Mississippi Enfield 1859 Sharps Berdan 1861 Springfield Cook and Brothe Percussion rifles were much more durable than their predecessors due to their simplicity and the lower likelihood of parts failure. The percussion rifle was also more reliable when faced with harsh weather and could be counted on to fire in the rain. The United States military adopted the percussion rifle in 1841

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The Percussion rifle was a type of rifle (or musket) that utilized the percussion lock (or caplock) mechanism to fire a bullet or musket ball. The Percussion lock mechanism was an evolution of the flintlock mechanism used on earlier muskets and rifles, with the percussion rifle being introduced.. Blue Ridge black-powder muzzleloaders feature a drum and bolster system. The precision-rifled 39 blued octagonal barrels with 1-in-48 (1-in-65 in .54 cal) twist delivers exceptional precision with patched round balls, plus the .45-.50- caliber percussion rifles will handle conical bullets surprisingly well The percussion cap is a small cylinder of copper or brass with one closed end. Inside the closed end is a small amount of a shock-sensitive explosive material such as fulminate of mercury. The percussion cap is placed over a hollow metal nipple at the rear end of the gun barrel Since it was lightweight and extremely accurate, it developed into the most popular American rifle of its day. This detailed, authentic reproduction of the Kentucky Percussion rifle sports a deep-blued, 1-in 48 twist rifled barrel, polished brass fittings and a fine, oil-finished walnut stock. Right-hand only pr0835 dgw early american jaeger percussion rifle. our price: $1,350.00 compare. quickview. pr0502 dixie hawken rifle, .50 caliber percussion by investarms

Kentucky Percussion Rifle. (1750-1850) KENTUCKY PERCUSSION RIFLE (1750-1850) By Davide Pedersoli & Co., Italy These rifles, and others like them, evolved from the German's Jaeger hunting rifles and were a major rival of the Briti The Crockett Rifle, based off Old Betsy is the perfect small game gun. This half-stocked .32 caliber is authentic in look and feel. Featuring brass inlays, percussion lock and octagonal barrel, this gun is perfect for at the range or in the field Percussion lock works fine. All the internal parts of the rifle are in fine condition, with no obvious wear. Overall length: 53 inch. Barrel length: 36.75 inch. Scarce Nepalese Sharps rifle in very collectible condition! (Ref. Guns of the Gurkhas, by John Walter, pp. 56-59). Beautiful Czech Percussion Schutzen Rifle, c. 186 50 Cal Percussion Rifle. Midsouth Shooters can supply you with your pistol and rifle ammunition, as well as all of your shooting and reloading supplies. We will.

Custom Muzzleloader Rifles Percussion for sale and auction. Buy a Custom Muzzleloader Rifles Percussion online. Sell your Custom Muzzleloader Rifles Percus.. The coming of the Civil War naturally brought about a dramatic increase in the demand for firearms, and Remington's production also increased to keep pace. During this period, the company manufactured both .36 and .44 caliber revolvers, as well as Model 1863 Percussion Contract Rifle, popularly known as the Zouave rifle

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  2. Country Hunter.50 Caliber Percussion Rifle. This short, simple and manageable rifle was the favorite gun of the American farmers. Produced in .50 cal., with interchangeable lock and blue, matt finished, octagonal barrel, it is the ideal rifle for the new shooter of muzzle loading firearms who wants an inexpensive way to start this pleasant sport
  3. Kentucky Percussion Rifle .50, 35-9/16 The Kentucky Rifle is one of the most popular American long guns. It is furnished with a brass butt plate, trigger guard, large patch box, side plate thimbles, and nose cap

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