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Recipes → Sri Lanka. Another recipe from Sri Lankan street food range. Roti again, but chopped this time, as this is the meaning of the word kottu in Sinhala. So the result is something between pasta and risotto, as everything is chopped very fine Welcome To Kottu Lanka About Us Kottu Lanka aims to bring authentic street food from the markets of Sri Lanka to the heart of London. Kottu roti is a delicious mish mash of Sri Lankan pancake (called godhamba roti), eggs, veg, herbs, spices and Sri Lankan curry; all chopped together on a hot plate using traditional Kottu knives Few recipes, however, transcend as far and mean as much as kottu roti does to Sri Lanka. Even as a relative newcomer to the cuisine, kottu roti has become an incredibly popular and all-encompassing symbol of Sri Lankan food. With our first taste, we could easily understand why. (NOTE: Want to save this recipe for later Sri Lankan street food - Authentic video recipe how to make a kottu roti, chopped bread or pasta, traditional Sri Lankan pastries, typical street food with its typical noise when being prepared.

This Sri Lankan recipe is an all-in-one treat that offers clean flavours and a hearty texture with surprisingly few ingredients. Better still, it can be prepped and made in less than half an hour. DESIblitz shows you how to make Kottu Roti, sometimes called Kothu or Koththu Roti too Posted by Malini . 3 cups of Godhamba roti, shredded 2 carrots, julienned 1/2 cup shredded cabbage (optional) 1/2 cup mushrooms, sliced 2 leeks, sliced 2 egg ***Serving 4 / 20mins / Simple / Low washing**** A simple, filling and flavoursome meal which you could get for £1 in Sri Lanka Sri Lankan Chicken Kottu Roti This recipe for kottu roti, a popular Sri Lankan street food, comes from Sanjeewa Gooneratne, who prepares the dish at events around New York on a griddle the size of a sled. A flaky flatbread is stir-fried with eggs and spices and finished with a curry sauce. Don't let the long list of spices deter.

This coconut Roti (flat bread) is eaten almost every day for breakfast in central of Sri Lanka. This is the place known for produces much of the famous Ceylon tea, planted by the British in 1980's. This is also a busy tourist spot due to its cool climate. These roti's are made with freshly grated coconut, white flour, water and salt. It is. The myth of Kottu Roti. Kottu Roti legend says that once upon a time there was a kottu seller on the east coast of Sri Lanka that was closing up his roti stand when a group of tourists arrived asking for some food. The roti seller only had scraps left over from the day, bits of cooked roti, some vegetables and leftover chicken curry How To Make Kothu Roti At Home? Easy Beef Koththu Parotta Recipe In Sri Lankan Style.Quick & Simple Way To Make Jaffna Style Beef Kothu Roti At Home.Chicke

Kottu is a flavorful Sri Lankan dish. It's combination of meat, spices, and roti is definitely one you'll come back to. Kottu Roti is a popular comfort cum street food in Sri Lanka. When you are strolling around in Sri Lankan streets, you cannot miss the s. Tantalize Your Taste Buds With Vegetarian Cuisin පාන් කොත්තු කටට රසට Pan Kottu | Bread Kottu Sri Lanka by Chammi Imalka - Duration: 6:51. Chammi Imalka 208,999 view Learn how to cook Sri Lankan Chicken Kothu Roti and much more on BestHomeChef.com.au. Submit your recipe and enter to win kitchen appliances worth $50,000 and other great prizes Kothu Roti (Sri Lanka): A rich stir-fry containing chopped up pieces of gothamba roti, makes this the perfect street food 15 Deliciously Spicy Dishes From Around The World Favorite international comfort food recipes that hit the spot when you're tired of the usual mac and cheese Sometimes mac and cheese and tater tots just don't get it done Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen Equipment Sri Lanka Fabricator of Kitchen Equipments, Commercial Kitchen Equipments, Hotel Kitchen Equipments, Industrial Kitchen Equipments, Stainless steel Commercial Kitchen Equipments, high pressure gas burners, bainmarie, hot cupboards, kitchen hood, canopy, kottu tables, bbq, countertops, bar tops, cabinets, benches, islands, Commercial Kitchen Exhaust.

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  1. Another variety of roti popular in Sri Lanka is kottu roti, which is made up of paratha or godamba roti, These are cut into small pieces, small in size and rectangular or square in shape. Then on a square heating pan, vegetables and onions are fried
  2. The street food that makes you dance Jump to media player Kottu Roti is a street food favourite in Sri Lanka. And watching it being cooked is almost as fun as actually eating it
  3. Think of it as Sri Lankan chilaquiles. Chef Floyd Cardoz likes to make his with oxtail or short ribs, but feel free to use chicken, lamb, or whatever other meat you love to love. RECIPE: Kottu Roti. If you can't make it to Sri Lanka this weekend, making this just might be the next best thing
  4. A very Sri Lankan recipe for coconut roti. Very quick and easy and a meal in itself with a pat of butter and some onion sambol. Mainly eaten for breakfast but also for dinner. Don't overcook the roti or they will get hard and crispy. Serve hot
  5. This dish originated from my country Sri Lanka, but some claim that it originated in south India. The meaning of Kottu Roti in tamil which is my language is chopped roti. Normally, when we order or make Kottu Roti we share with relatives near us. We invite them over or bring some over to their house

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  2. Kottu is another very popular and widely sold Sri Lankan recipe. Kottu is shredded roti (bread) with vegetables. The local street food vendors usually use the leftover bread and whip up this delicious and spicy treat with it
  3. Kottu house kottu is very good. After going to sri lanka, and tasting the kottu there, it taste a bit different than traditional kottu! But it's cool because this place definitely experiments with their flavors! The service is great! The workers are always patient and down for a conversation
  4. Sri Lankan Coconut roti(pol roti, flatbread). A rustic flatbread made up of flour, grated coconut with diced green chillies and Onions for extra texture. vegan, vegetarian, Sri Lankan breakfast. You'll come across Sri Lankan roti as a street food/ tea-time snack at stationary carts or road side restaurants
  5. Sri Lanka is also one of the most vegetarian-and vegan-friendly countries in the world. Along with fragrant herbs and spices, Sri Lankan food is a celebration of fresh fruit and vegetables like pandan, okra, beans, aubergine, cashews, beetroot and even potato
  6. Available at the Park Street BreadTalk branch, the Mutton Kottu has a generous helping of roti, mixed in with chewy bits of mutton to go with every bite. Two. Obvs, there's vegetable kottu and egg kottu that exist and serve as budget options or perhaps dietary choices for some. An egg kottu is pretty much an omelette chopped up and tossed into.

Stir-fried shredded roti (kottu roti) Audio . This dish is commonly eaten for dinner in Sri Lanka, where the egg may be substituted for meat, such as beef or chicken. Sri Lankan curry. Down Town Rotti Hut: Best Kottu Roti in Sri Lanka - See 607 traveler reviews, 120 candid photos, and great deals for Ella, Sri Lanka, at TripAdvisor

Nov 30, 2014 · Sri Lankan Kottu Roti, by Way of Staten Island. of the world — New York's Little Sri Lanka may be the littlest. food reminds you of home; kottu roti reminds you of being in Sri Lanka Sri Lankan Coconut Roti (Flat Bread) Yum I love these Sri Lankan rotis (flat breads). I am not a person that works well with dough, but roti is so easy to make that I.

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  1. Kottu Roti is that kind of a dish. It's made from a Sri Lankan roti called Godhamba roti that is chopped and basically stir fried with vegetables and meat. Godhamba roti is a very thin roti made of dough that is soaked in oil. I love godhoma roti because it's thin and crispy, but it does take time and effort to make them correctly
  2. Recipe for an all-time Sri Lankan favourite! You can now make spicy chicken kottu from scratch, in the comfort of your own home
  3. Rezept Sri Lanka Roti 6 bis 8 Portionen Zutaten 500 ml roti-Mehl, Reismehl (oder eine Mehl-Backpulver-Mischung) 125 ml Kokosflocken 1 TL Salz ca. 250 ml Wasser ghee oder Öl zum.
  4. Zugegeben wird es schwierig sein ein authentisches Restaurant in Deutschland zu finden, dass die Spezialitäten aus Sri Lanka anbietet. Rezepte aus Sri Lanka findest du aber zum Beispiel hier: Geheimnisse der Currys aus Sri Lanka Coconut Sambol aus Sri Lanka Hoppers aus Sri Lanka; Dieser Artikel gehört zu einer Serie
  5. Sri Lankan short-eats Like I said, these stuffed roti are a hot commodity in Sri Lanka. They can have different fillings - vegetarian and fish being the most popular. But since Mr K lives beef, I made a curried beef roti instead. These snacks are an integral part of the Sri Lankan food culture
  6. Kottu roti besteht aus dem teig des Goda Rotis und wird mit gemüse und fleisch gehackt kann dir rezept oder ähnliches leider nicht nennen muss ich glecih mal meinen vater fragen der kommt aus sri lanka! Zitieren & Antworte
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Sri Lankan. Kottu roti . Kottu roti (Peter Kuruvita's Coastal Kitchen) Image . 1 / Video . 1 / Audio . Sri Lanka's favourite street food brought to Margaret River Australia. It's now an. Kottu Dal is a comforting dal recipe made of masoor dal, tempered traditionally and mixed with coconut milk. The coconut milk is what gives this famous Sri Lankan dal a soothing flavour, while a dash of lemon juice added before serving gives a tangy twist to it Chop Chop does tasty, generous kottu all day, via drive through or delivery. Win. Chop Chop does all-day kottu in many interesting ways, plus they deliver. Given that the kottu is tasty and easy to get, this venture by Gonuts is a win. Sri Lankans love kottu, but for years there has been a kottu.

Chop Chop Kottu - 01, Castle Street, 00700 Colombo, Sri Lanka - Rated 3.9 based on 71 Reviews Ordered their Chicken Kottu and when placing the order.. Kottu, also known as Koththu Rotti or Kothu Roti (Sinhala: කොත්තු රොටි; Tamil: கொத்து ரொட்டி; meaning chopped bread), is a Sri Lankan dish made from godhamba roti (a type of Sri Lankan roti) and vegetables, egg and/or meat, and spices

COLOMBO, SRI LANKA - We went on an ultimate Sri Lankan street food tour of Colombo, starting from the outskirts of the city and working our way into the market, and all the way to the Galle Face coast. Colombo is a fantastic city, vibrant, and calm and relaxing all the at the same time, and an array of delicious food The day has finally arrived. Too all you hungry City of London folks, it's time to shut down those balance sheets, tap autocal and close those spreadsheets....Kottu Lanka will be bringing you authentic Sri Lankan street food from the streets of Lanka to the heart of the City Also known as kothu rotti, kottu roti or koththu roti, this pile of, what is essentially chopped up bread on a plate, is one of Sri Lanka's main culinary attractions. Don't let its less than appetising look fool you. Kothu Roti is a feast of textures and tastes that is sure to steal your heart - and your toilet seat. How to prepare Kothu Roti 500 ml roti-Mehl, Reismehl (oder eine Mehl-Backpulver-Mischung) 125 ml Kokosflocken 1 TL Salz ca. 250 ml Wasser ghee oder Öl zum Backen Zubereitung In einer Schüssel Mehl, Kokosflocken und Salz mischen. So viel Wasser zugeben, bis man einen weichen Teig erhält. Den Teig so lange kneten, bis er nicht mehr an der Schüssel klebt

Sri Lanka's cuisine is similar to Indian's (Kerala region) and Tamil's. Spicy fried food prevails. Roti and kottu roti are the most well-known dishes. Different types of short eats are also available everywhere. P.S. For picky people like me, Sri Lankan cuisine can be a bit too spicy. Even if you tell them Not spicy it will still be. While I was in Sri Lanka this past January, I got a chance to watch kottu roti being made at many street food stalls around Columbo. I don't think I would have noticed this famous street food being made if it hadn't been for for the clitter-clatter on metal cooking plates as the chefs cut the. A popular street food in Sri Lanka Kottu Roti is a hearty meal made with flaked roti to which a choice of ingredients are added; here is the basics of preparing a Sri Lanka style chicken kottu roti. 1. Ingredients for Chicken Curry Six skinless chicken thighs 2 teaspoons soy sauce 2 teaspoons.. Sri Lankan recipes not only reflect the indigenous flora and fauna, but the waves of cultures that have crossed our island's path. We have cokies from the Dutch, we have pittu from the Tamils, the best sweets are Muslim, and we have godamba roti from Singapore

Breakfast roti - We started in the morning for a classic Sri Lankan food breakfast, roti, stuffed with egg, chopped up and topped with curry sauce and dall. It was delicious, especially followed with ginger tea Hotel De Pilawoos: Cheese kottu! What a wonder! - See 258 traveler reviews, 70 candid photos, and great deals for Colombo, Sri Lanka, at TripAdvisor Kottu House Serves Sri Lankan Street Food and Spicy Sambals on the L.E.S. the son back home in Sri Lanka while Ma plied her trade in Southern Europe. And I'd wager that Kottu House's. The venture has taken several months to organise and they are now ready to deliver some favourite Sri Lanka dishes. The dishes include kottu roti, curries of chicken, beef, seafood and vegetable.

So it'll take a little time for them to settle in. I recommend taking out to go. But you can eat there too as they have a couple of tables outside. The portions are huge and they'll make it to suit your tolerance for spicy food. (But this food taste better spicy) The food is great. Hot Kottu Roti is great with an ice cold beer Sri lankische Kokos-Roti mit würzigem Zwiebelsambal / Sri Lankan coconut rotis with a savoury onion sambal English version below↧ Als der Freund meiner Schwester Anabel aus seinem abenteuerlichen Sri Lanka-Urlaub zurückkam, verwöhnte er unsere ganze Familie mit einem köstlichen sri lankischen Festessen KOTTU ROTI - Today you can prepare a traditional Sri Lankan food that is very tasty and has many famous versions Kottu, literally means cut rotis, originated from the Southern part of India and found its way to Sri Lanka with a delicious interlude. Rather than using a knife to chop rotis into bite-sized pieces, the expert, street-food vendors use two thin metal plates to rhythmically chop them, while giving a little jig

Kottu roti is almost like a bread stir fry: a roti skin is placed on a grill and chopped, along with spices and vegetables, and — depending on your palate — eggs, cheese and meat, until it has been transformed into something completely new. Another quintessential Sri Lankan eat, kottu roti is ubiquitous — in fact, it's Sri Lanka's. Ingredients: 500 grams of self-raising flour 2 cups of coconut oil a pinch of salt enought water to make a dough. Method: Mix flour, salt and enough water to make a non-sticky dough Rentrée depuis 2 jours du Sri Lanka, je cherche desesperement les 2 recettes citées (Kottu et Fried veg. Noodles). Pour les noodles je trouve des recettes mais pas du Sri Lanka et pour avoir deja fait d'autres pays d'Asie, les Sri Lankaises me semble etre les meilleures 'Koththu Roti' - most unhygienic food in Sri Lanka. Posted on 23 April 2015 by admin. In Sri Lanka, it is common knowledge that the waysides are not very.

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Kottu Roti is a Sri Lanken street food that's eaten in the same way we have kebabs after a night out. It can include meat or cheese but this version is the most commonly eaten and has only vegetables. Ingredients Street Foods of Sri Lanka, Kotthu Roti - Watch indian cooking videos by Hetal and Anuja. Easy to follow healthy indian recipe videos, curry recipes, chicken recipes, south indian recipes, north indian recipes, vegetarian recipes, non-veg recipes on showmethecurry.co Sri Lanka is an island country in the northern Indian Ocean off the southern coast of the Indian subcontinent in South Asia. Known until 1972 as Ceylon, Sri Lanka has maritime borders with India to the northwest and the Maldives to the southwest A spicy one-dish vegetarian dinner with curry flavors, vegetable kottu roti, with eggs and cabbage, is traditional Sri Lankan street food If vegetarian kottu is the hamburger of Sri Lanka, cheese kottu is the quadruple bacon cheeseburger. Yellow curry powder flavor is bumped up a few notches with cheese kottu and it's a Sri Lankan food that you just can't miss. The cheese is not traditional yellow cheese, but rather more like cottage milk cheese

Kottu Roti (also known as Koththu Roti) is a favorite Sri Lankan street food in Sri Lanka. In our country, we can see there are a lot of small restaurants specialized in making kottu roti in every town. Those restaurants are only open at night. People can go there and order kottu rotis until late night Mark Wiens - Egg Hoppers + Kottu Roti In Colombo, Sri Lanka! We went on an ultimate Sri Lankan street food tour of Colombo, starting from the outskirts of the city and working our way into the market, and all the way to the Galle Face coast This is one of my Sri Lanka foodie posts. And my mouth is totally watering just thinking about kottus and rotis in Sri Lanka. If you are going to Sri Lanka (lucky thing) you absolutely have to eat kottu and roti (spellings often vary wildly). And you will try them because they are on every street corner NYT Cooking: This recipe for kottu roti, a popular Sri Lankan street food, comes from Sanjeewa Gooneratne, who prepares the dish at events around New York on a griddle the size of a sled. A flaky flatbread is stir-fried with eggs and spices and finished with a curry sauce. Don't let the long list of spices deter you from making the dish

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Kottu Roti at Hotel de New Pilawoos. Kottu Roti seems to be everyone's favorite dish when it comes to Sri Lankan cuisine, and it's hard not to marvel at its perfect balance of flavors. The dish is made from Godhamba roti, vegetables, egg, spices and there are meat options if desired Sri Lankan food is like nothing you've tasted before. Sri Lanka curry and rice, lentil dhal, roti breads, rice noodles, sweet coconut pancakes — and that's just for breakfast! Vegetarians and vegans will have a full belly in Sri Lanka too as many of the staple Sri Lankan foods also happen to be vegetarian The items required for kottu are prepared a few minutes ahead of cooking. We don't use old food, said 28-year-old Mohamed Mihar, making kottu at a hotel in Slave Island. He said cafes did not make huge profits from kottu roti and if they provided unhygienic meals customers would not return to the shop Kottu Roti or Kothu Roti is a famous cuisine of Sri Lanka for dinner. Kottu Roti is nothing but Sri Lankan fried rice where instead of rice they use the slices of flat Godhamba Roti. Then mix with cheese and egg/meat/vegetables, or it can be the combination of all as Mixed Kottu or Kottu Roti. Kottu is a fatty and favorite Sri Lankan street food Halal kottu in Sri Lanka is something you have to try - whether you are a visitor or a resident. What is kottu, you ask? A complete meal of chopped up roti, mixed with a meat curry of your choice - and a few extra ingredients to give it that special twist - kottu roti is a Sri Lankan classic

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Kottu roti - authentic Sri Lankan video recipe from a street restaurant in Sri Lanka (source: my personnal food and travel blog / vlog with recipes, authentic video recipes, street food, food and travel documentary, travel info and more. Welcome Kottu—a Sri Lankan comfort food that mixes chopped roti, spices, and fried veggies—finds a mobile home in Kottuville, the country's first food truck. The clatter of knives on hot iron is a. Sri Lankan food is a mix of many Asian cuisines, influenced by the migrant South Indians and Malay workers and also from the colonial influences by the English, Dutch and the Portuguese. The first dish that sprang to my mind is Koththu roti, a popular street food which can be found in every nook and corner in Sri Lanka Collection of sri lankan recipes, side, how to make sri lankan roti video at oldenrecipes? Malini's kitchen, sri lankan food recipes, com, collection of sri lankan recipes, bread that is usually prepared for breakfast or dinner. Multicultural recipes: sri lanka: kottu roti, meet people trying sri lankan kotu roti recipes, 400 g raw american.

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Beat 3 eggs in a bowl, season with salt and keep aside. Take a dough ball out and flatten it by carefully stretching from the sides; Heat a flat pan, spray oil and place the stretched out roti on i Plain Roti in Colombo - View Menus, Photos, Reviews and Information for restaurants serving Plain Roti in Colombo on Zomato Zomato is the best way to discover great places to eat in your city. Our easy-to-use app shows you all the restaurants and nightlife options in your city, along with menus, photos, and reviews

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Share Kottu Roti at Saffron Spice Kitchen in Toronto tweet share Pocket Flipboard Email The most popular street food in Sri Lanka — a quick, customizable, grill-top meal made with strips of. Food and Dishes of Sri Lanka. For westerns' common living habits, our notion of spicy is what Sri Lankans would call a joke or food for babies! If you think you over-tried spicy food wait until you have Sri Lankan curry or Dahl. This is not to discourage you but to alert you At last came Kottu House, he took everything his mother taught him and opened up a restaurant. Today Chelaka and his mother Sandya Desilva cook side by side in NYC. Taking Sri Lankan dishes and twisting them around. What some Sri Lankan's may call pure madness, he calls love and emotions 35. Kottu Roti. Roti is Sri Lankan flat bread that comes in many varieties. I wrote above about pol roti - flat bread made with addition of scraped coconut. Another popular option is godamba roti, almost paper-thin, stretchy, oily pancakes. For kottu roti, those thin pancakes are cut into pieces and mixed with vegetables, meat, and spices on.

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A few interesting facts about Sri Lankan Cuisine. we will get the true taste of Sri Lanka. and the sound of the kottu roti being produced, now is a. Kottu is a very famous food in Sri Lanka and usually available for dinner and it is my personal favorite all the time. There are a large number of Kottu bars available in Sri Lanka from street shops to five star hotels. Although traditionally Kottu is based on a bread called Godamba roti, there ar And we were so glad that we did. The service was outstanding and food was spicy and delectable. We got vegetable biriyani and kottu roti. It was probably the most authentic version of Sri Lankan food that I've had in the US. My husband loved every morsel of his biriyani and 'helped' to clean my kottu roti too Free Mp3 Street Food In Sri Lanka Ultimate Food Tour Egg Hoppers Kottu Roti In Colombo Sri Lanka Download , Lyric Street Food In Sri Lanka Ultimate Food Tour Egg Hoppers Kottu Roti In Colombo Sri Lanka Chord Guitar , Free Ringtone Street Food In Sri Lanka Ultimate Food Tour Egg Hoppers Kottu Roti In Colombo Sri Lanka Download , and Get Street Food In Sri Lanka Ultimate Food Tour Egg Hoppers.

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Curry Rezepte Sri Lanka: Rotes Chicken-Curry. Die Sri Lankische Küche ist berühmt für ihre feurige Schärfe, und zur Milderung werden die Sri Lanka Currys sehr häufig mit Kokosnussmilch angereichert. Da Sri Lanka in den Tropen liegt, verdirbt das Essen natürlich sehr schnell The long term ruling of Dutch and British colonies also play a role in the kind of local cuisine that Sri Lanka is known for. While some may think fancy restaurants are the best place for the best food, tastier food is found at roadside cafes and family kitchens. Here are some specialties that you should not miss when in Sri Lanka 1. Kottu roti

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Easy Sri Lankan Shrimp Kottu Roti/Kothu Roti (Spicy Shrimp & Veggies w/Shredded Coconut Roti) - Runnin Srilankan 01/26/18 16:31 What I have for you today is my easy version of Sri Lankan Shrimp Kottu Roti or Kothu Roti, which is a scrumptious scramble of Spices, Shrimp, Veggies and Shredded Coconut Roti Kottu (also, kottu roti) Over the traffic and noise at a Sri Lankan market, you'll likely hear the clanking of metal on metal and know kottu isn't far away. Kottu is Sri Lanka's hamburger. What to Eat in Sri Lanka: Must Try Dishes. Served in different variations, kottu is made up of shreaded roti and is fried with lots of vegetables or meat. I will.

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This Vegetable Roti is an imported food from south India where this type of Roti made of wheat flour and is known as 'Elawalu Roti' in Sri Lanka . In those days this was available mostly in Indian restaurants or eating houses but now it is widely available and is a common dish in all over Sri Lanka Method. Cut the tortillas into thin stripes and then cut into 2 inch size pieces and set aside. Get a large non stick skillet and add 2 tbsn cooking oil and add the sliced onions and stir until golden brown Sri Lankan style kottu roti. Kottu is so popular in Sri Lanka that people have even written songs and poems to express their love of this humble street food. What other cuisines are present in Sri Lanka? Is there international food? English Breakfast - One of the many iconic meals you can easily find around the Colombo are Cheese Kottu Stir fried Veggies with Cheese & Roti Make Home lanka gossip girl sri lanka gossip girl guru maruwa girl photo gallery google search girl fashion hot. Cooking with Aunty D. Who needs store made kottu when you can make this delicious one at home! Get cooking! Ingredients: Roti 2 cups Carrot 100 g Leeks 100 g Garlic 3 cloves Ginger 1/2 inch Soy sauce 2 tsp Salt 1 tsp Egg 1 Pepper 2 tsp Chicken curry (gravy) 1/2 cup Curry leaves & rampa Onion (small) [

A week after I arrived in Sri Lanka, I could recognize the sound right away and usually made my way to it to have a nice, hot plate of kottu. The dish is popular in Sri Lanka but it might be Indian in origin. Kottu means chopped in the Tamil language, so the dish basically means chopped roti and that's what it is Restaurants such as London's Hoppers, mini chain The Coconut Tree and the success of the M&S Taste Asia range have put Sri Lankan food on the brink of a breakthrough. Think hoppers (bowl-shaped rice flour pancakes), kottu roti (fried veg, eggs, shredded roti and curry, as sold by street stall Kottu Lanka) and pol sambol coconut relish I love travel for many reasons (the feeling of freedom, experiencing new things every day, etc.) but a very important reason is trying new and exciting food!Before traveling to Sri Lanka, I researched the country (yes, I am a planner;-) and red about many dishes with delicious ingredients like coconut, chili and curry spices